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EventGhost is kind of like Tasker but for desktop computers. It allows you to monitor and automate things. I use the AutoRemote plugin to link to Tasker.



    • Plugins to install: AutoRemote, Yamaha RX-V Network Receiver, Directory Watcher

Saving a filename as a variable to send with AutoRemote

    • To manipulate file names, like in my download started, task:
      • Use a python script as one of the event's actions, python script:
    • import shutil
      import os
      from os import path

      IgnoreFileTypes = 'txt,nfo'
      IgnoreFileNames = ('sample', 'ignore')
      FileName = ''.join(eg.event.payload)
      isFolder = os.path.isdir(FileName)

      dlfile = eg.event.payload
      eg.globals.dlfile = dlfile
      fp = eg.event.payload[0]
      head, tail = path.split(fp)
      name, ext = path.splitext(tail)
      eg.result = name
      eg.globals.dlfile2 = eg.result

      def CopyFileCheck(File):

      CopyFile = True
      for IgnoreText in IgnoreFileNames:
      if IgnoreText in File:
      CopyFile = False
      if File[-3:] in IgnoreFileTypes:
      CopyFile = False

      return CopyFile

      if not isFolder and CopyFileCheck(FileName):

      eg.TriggerEvent("AutoRemote announcing download of mkv")
      • Use AutoRemote as an action: dlstarted=:={eg.globals.dlfile2}



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