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Plex Media Server

Available on Windows


  • Plex is the ultimate home media server
  • Netflix-style app and organization
  • View media on any device
  • Lot of extra features like movie previews, news, podcasts, lyrics, and more




    • Installing Plex
    • Reverting to an older version of Plex
    • Configuring Plex to work with Trakt

Add-ons and enhancements

Plex is good right out of the box but there are some third party add-ons that make it amazing. These are the ones I use:

    • Tautulli is by far my favorite one. It creates a database that pulls info from your plex server to give you information like watched history, most popular movie/tv show/music artist/etc. It has a newsletter feature as well and an advanced notification system that lets you send custom notifications through a lot of different services like email, discord chat, push bullet, Join, etc,
    • Ombi is a cool add-on that will let you host a little request server. Users can use their accounts to log in and request movies and television shows. The administrator can then mark the requests filled once the items have been added to the library. An alert will be generated to the requesting user to let them know the item is now available.
    • Plug-ins. There are lots of useful plug-ins but as of writing this (10/9/18) the next version of Plex will remove plug-ins. Supposedly we'll be able to continue using plug-ins for the forseeable future but it sounds like the eventual plan for Plex is to shut it down completely. That is a shame because there are some really useful things that can be done with them.
    • Trakt is a service that you can document your TV and movie watching on. There is a plugin for Plex that ties your Plex server to Trakt making recording your watch history automatic.
    • Plex Export: Exports your library to html pages so users can browse the library without having to be Plex account owners themselves. The downside is this is only a snapshot of the library at a given time so you have to manually redo it as time passes or your library changes.

Backing Up Your Plex Server Data

    • From the main Plex support page:

      Backing Up Plex Media Server Data

      As conscientious computer users, we’re sure that you already make regular backups of all your data. However, there may be cases where you want to make a specific backup of just your Plex Media Server content (viewstates, metadata, settings, Channels, etc.). Doing so is easy, but the method and locations will vary depending on your operating system.

      Back Up Main Plex Media Server Data

      Tip!: In many cases, you may find it beneficial to “zip” or “tar” (or similar) the contents of the data directory. The larger your library, the more useful this may be for you as it could otherwise take a very long time to process thousands of individual small metadata files.

      Tip!: For Windows and Linux systems, you can exclude the Cache directory if you wish. That can save space and time in the transfer.

      For your operating system, make a backup of the main Plex Media Server data directory. The location will vary by platform.


      Where is the Plex Media Server data directory located?

      The main Plex Media Server data directory location will vary based on your operating system. Below are the default locations.


      On Windows, the content is located inside of the user directory.

      %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server

      Back Up Additional Settings

      In addition to the main files, there may also be some additional special settings that should also be backed up.


      Certain Plex Media Server settings are stored in the registry on Windows. In the registry, they’re located under:

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Plex, Inc.\Plex Media Server

      Restoring the Backup

      If you need to restore your backed up data, it’s as simple as putting the main data back in the original location (as noted above). Then, restore the “additional settings” mentioned above, which would be restoring the registry data on Windows or the .plist file for OS X.

      After you install the backed up data, you can re-install the Plex Media Server application.

How To Automatically Download Subtitles For Your Entire Library:

When you go to Rules, instead of Map: Any pick a user and then select their Plex user account and do that for all users you want to log watch history to your Trakt history.

Are you seeing other users' on next in your space? Adjust the Trakt plugin settings:



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