2/5/19 New feature Added: Text notifications for TV shows
Text notifications are now possible. See below for a list of current commands.

1) subscribe "TV Show Name" = subscribe to text notifications for individual TV shows

2) unsubscribe "TV Show Name" = unsubscribe from notifications

3) list = View all TV shows eligible for text notifications

4) subscriptions = which shows you are subcribed to receive notifications for

1/20/19 New channel added to Discord chat
I added a requests channel to Discord that will show user requests (TV shows or movies) for the Plex server. It also shows when requests are filled, meaning added to the Plex server. It was a quick feature to set up, it uses webhooks to transmit the requested info from Ombi to Discord.

Remember this when you're using the Ombi app, anything with an "Approved" tag is a request that has been approved. For some reason Ombi requires that all requests get approved but on my server I enabled the option to have them automatically approved. If you see approved on something you did not request yourself but are still interested in getting notified when it gets added, click on it and press the "Request" button. Any user that requests an item will get a notification on their phone when that item has been added to the Plex server.

Click this link to join the Discord channel: BrettsTech.com on Discord

Requests channel on Discord chat


12/2/18 The Plex 2 server is now accessible remotely! This means it will be available to all users as a backup server in case Plex 1 goes down. Please only use it short periods of time because the computer that powers the server isn't as good as the one running Plex 1.

The Discord chat channels will receive notifications from the Plex 2 server now. Things like server status, recently added and watched history can be found on the brett0wens.com Discord channels.

12/1/18 Updated the Collections page with current totals and added these new collections:

1920-1929 (6), Action (605), Space (40), Sports (40), Al Pacino (21), Bruce Willis (34), Chris Pine (10), Jeff Bridges (18), Jim Carrey (23), Kevin Spacey (21), Leonardo DiCaprio (18), Michael Clark Duncan (11), Natalie Portman (17), Nicole Kidman (15), Robert De Niro (32), Robin Williams (21), Samuel L. Jackson (48), Seth Rogan (16), Tom Cruise (32), Harry Potter (7), Alfred Hitchcock (4), Bryan Singer (7), Francis Ford Coppola (9), James Cameron (6), J.J. Abrams (5), Joel Coen (15), Peter Jackson (11), Stanley Kubrick (8), Tim Burton (11)

11/26/18 The movie collection reached 2,000 items last night!

Over the weekend, I updated the View Library section to make it up to date with the actual content in the server's library.

2000 Movies

In the top bar of this page, I also made the links for Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries take you to that section for easy viewing. For anyone viewing the page on your phone, note the "Toggle sidebar" tab at the top. It will allow you to navigate through the different sections of the library.

11/9/18 Added the Recently Added section on the top of the screen. It uses Trakt to show the last TV show or movie added to the Plex server.

10/30/18 Created a year in review newsletter that will email to all users on New Years Day.

8/25/18 Added color changing to the button links above if you hover your mouse over them. On a phone you aren't likely to notice anything different.

8/23/18 Added the Brett's Plex Server logo to the existing newsletters using Tautuli. The Daily and Weekly newsletters list what has been added to the Plex library for categories like Movies and TV Shows. Here is what one looks like:

8/22/18 Added 3 channels to the new Discord server. It uses Tautulli to display updates from the Plex server. If you're logged into Discord, search for brett0wens.com. Inside you will find channels like server status, recently added, and watch history from Plex.

7/14/18 Added these new collections to the Plex library:

1930-1939, 1940-1949, 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2009, 2010-2019, Chick Flicks, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, Michael Bay, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg.

6/24/18 I created a calendar that pulls from my trakt.tv account and lists when the TV shows I watch (or have in the library) will play next. Once they play they will automatically be added to the Plex server shortly after airing. You can also view the calendar in full screen.

5/6/18 I set up a weekly newsletter. Every Friday morning you will get an email that shows you all of the things added to the Plex server over the past week. In the future I might make other email notifications like "email this person, if this specific show is added" types of emails.

4/22/18 The view library page is now active. You can view what's on the server without even logging in to your plex account.

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