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I started my smart home in 2015 by purchasing a couple of GE Link bulbs and their hub at Home Depot. I mounted my tablet on the wall and created a floor plan screen using the Tasker app for Android. Next I added motion sensors and comeras. In 2016 I stumbled on Home Assistant. It is an open source project with goals of integrating itself with as many products and services as possible while still keeping it simple enough of a program that no programming experiece is required. I started basing my new smart device buying decisions on what works with Home Assistant and as a result, currently literally every smart device I own works with Home Assistant. This gives me a lot of freedom and flexibility. Almost anything you can think up can be done with Home Assistant or it's add-ons.


Photos of my interior
Kitchen Bedroom
Dining Room


Screenshots of Home Assistant
Front End 1 Front End 2
Front End 3


Equipment I use:
Cameras (x5)

Chromecast (x2)

Chromecast Audio (x2)

Door Sensors (x6)

Google Homes (x5)

Google Home Hub

Philips Hue Hub

Lights (x23) (6 color, 17 white, 1 lightstrip)

Motion Sensors (x9

NVIDIA Shield TV (x2)

Plant Sensor (x2)

Smart Lock

Smart Scale

Smart Thermostat

Smart Smoke Detector

Temperature Sensors (x5)

Wink Hub 2


My Code & Images for Home Assistant:






Links & Examples

Andreas Odegard from

Brad from

Juan from



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