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I enjoy customizing my phone both in appearance and in function using dozens of different apps. Here are my 3 favorite apps with a brief description of what they do:

Tasker: This is my overall favorite app. It allows you to control and automate almost anything on your android device. It can do anything you can think of and for the things it can't there are usually plugins that will bridge the gap.

AutoApps: A large set of useful plugins for Tasker. Recently it was announced that Joao was taking over Tasker from the orginal creator, Pent. Sad to see Pent go but Joao was the best possible replacement and will hopefully integreate more of his AutoApps into tasker directly.

KLWP: Short for Kustom Live Wallpaper, this is a very powerful app that lets user create beautiful live wallpapers and it even has Tasker integration.

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Prior to that I had the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, Note 2.

My phone's homescreen (created with KLWP and Tasker)

The top bar

On the top of my homescreen I created the information bar that contains:

  • Calendar Information (next appointment title, date and time)
  • Fitness information (steps, miles, calories burned, minutes active)
  • Weather info (image, current conditions, temp, wind speed)
  • Profiles button, VPN button, current data connection (4GLTE, 3G), wifi status, gps status)

The icons

Each circular icon represents a category. Clicking an icon will open a box below with shortcuts and other information for that category.

  • Audio: Spotify, Plex, iHeartRadio, PowerAmp and others
  • Automation: All automation apps like Tasker, Autoapps, KLWP
  • Calendar: Clicking next event opens Google Calendar
  • Colors: I made a tasker scene for the color select panel. Tapping a color sets it as my primary/text color. Long pressing a color sets it as the background color. Swiping a color will set the buttons color.
  • Driving: Routes and driving times for my commute to work, or to my parents house
  • Files: File explorers, cloud apps like Drive, One Drive, Dropbox.
  • Financial: Mint.com, checking, credit cards, reward apps, account apps, google pay, venmo
  • Games: Games I play on occasion
  • Health: A ring lights up around this icon if I haven't opened my MyFitnessPal app in over 8 hours. Once I open the app, it resets. My health screen tells me things like steps, calories burned, periods active today, minutes active today
  • Profiles: Displays the different profiles I created in Tasker to set various settings on my phone throughout the day or while at a certain location. Profiles include: Home, Lunch, Car, Theater, Sleep, Work. Examples of settings changed are: volumes, screen brightness, location-based reminders
  • Reading: Apps I read stuff on like Reddit, the news, cracked.com, my ebooks, wikipedia
  • Shopping: Shopping apps I use like Amazon, Slickdeals.net, Groupon, eBay, Barcode Scanner, AMC Theaters
  • Smart Home: Wink, Google Hoome, Harmony, Philips Hue, WeMo, Home Assistant, Mi Home, Alexa, Blue Iris, Wansview
  • Social Media: Facebook, Messenger, Hangouts, Skype, Google+
  • Timers: 8 different buttons for setting timers ranging from 30 seconds to 2 hours. Tapping the button sets a timer on my smart watch when vibrates when the timer's up.
  • Tools: Various tools I use on my phone like Fing, Calculator, Speedtest, Word, WriteOnPDF
  • Video: Plex and apps used with Plex like Trakt, Tautulli, Ombi. Kodi, Netlfix, FireTV, Hulu, Android TV, Xfinity Stream
  • Weather: The weather screen shows current conditions and a 7 day forecast

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