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Interests & Thoughts
  • I enjoy technology in most forms. Computers and phones especially. Smart homes are interesting because the possibilities are endless.
  • I like to be creative, fix, simplify, and use the things I have to their full potential.
  • I enjoy camping in the summer and riding my dirt bike.
  • I like to joke around and laugh. I still find South Park funny after all these years after discontinuing all of the other cartoons.
  • I like to go on weekend getaways and vacations when I have the chance.
  • I like movies of most genres but I find that I am getting pickier about what I consider a good movie as I get older. It's a weird feeling when you realize you are no longer the target demographic for the movies you watch and games you play.
  • I like to play games of most kinds. Board games, card games, video games, almost any game. I am definitely competitive and appreciate good sportsmanship and finishing games that are started.
  • I like to read, research, and learn new things. I like to know a little about everything and a lot about the things I really care about.
  • I like to watch documentaries, especially about animals, nature and space.
  • I like to play guitar. I like covering songs and writing original material. I like recording but it takes so much time. I hadn't really recorded much in the last 10 years. I mainly did it from 2005-2007.
  • I enjoy listening to music. Hard rock mainly because I love heavy but clear sounding guitar. Heavy drums and vocals. Vocally, I like aggression and the dynamic between that and soft vocals. I like screaming when used sparingly and not all of the time. Not a fan or the grunting or growling that tends to ruin a lot of heavy metal bands for me. I really like the fusion of heavy metal and orchestra instruments.
  • I like video and photo editing.
  • I love animals though I do not have any pets yet. I plan to get 2 big dogs once I own a house.
  • I love sleeping but I don't get enough of it. Time is too valuable to me to sleep more than I have to. I hardly ever take naps.
  • It's amazing how time feels like it goes by so much faster as you get older and older. Perspective.
  • I want to buy a house. One that isn't tiny and has a garage that I can have a workshop in. One that I can put time and money into because I know I will be there for a long time or forever. I want to make the best smart home possible. Smart mirrors, smart blinds, z-wave switches on all of the lights, garage door, sprinkler system.
  • I would love to buy a 3D printer and start making things.
  • I would like to get a truck and a trailer eventually to camp with. Also ATVs.
  • I would like to get my passport and see some of the world.



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