Design & Editing:
Web/Graphic Video Editing
Music Recording:
Info Originals Covers


Graphic & Web Design
Websites Created:


I'm splitting into 2 parts and renaming to Brett's Tech.

I created to be the brand name for my creative and smart home projects. Currently the new site is a copy of the old site but has a new logo. In the future, I will expand into doing video tutorials, both on here and on YouTube, as well as other cool projects.


The website for Brett's Plex server had always been a subdomain of until now. Now, will be the quickest and easiest way to get to the plex site.


Originally created as a place where I could upload files I was working on and practice getting back into web design.

I decided to create a subsite for the Plex server and then it grew from there expanding into ROMS, Spotify and guides.

Currently in 2018 it's a place where I document all of my smart home updates, Plex server updates, and is also where I post anything new I create as far as music/graphics/video.


Brett's South Park Page / Jimbo's Guns


My old fansite for South Park when it came out in the first season. I was 13 or 14 at the time. Most of the website is still intact it's just the main page and logo that are gone.

Eventually I switched hosting to SPAbductions and at the end merged websites with Jimbo's Guns

I did all of my graphics in MS Paint and Paint Shop Pro because Photoshop wasn't available yet:


Video Editing
Family Videos

"The Great Wedding" - Derek's Wedding - Saturday, 6/30/2018

"Willie Mae Durst" - Grandma's Funeral - Friday, 5/11/2018


Pre-roll Videos (on the Plex Server):

Bad Robot





Lionsgate Horror




New Line Cinema



South Park





Music Recordings
Currently used equipment:

Guitar: Schecter Jeff Loomis 7 String

Recording Hardware: Line6 Toneport UX-1

Recording Software: Steinberg Nuendo for Windows

Past equipment:

Guitars: Ibanez RG 7321 7 String, Fender Squire Strat

Line6 POD x3 Live, SB Audigy4 Live!

Recording Software: Adobe Audition, FL Studio


Original Songs
Song Name Play / Download Recorded Includes
01/10/2008 G D
I Can't Sleep
9/2007 G B D
9/2007 G B D
Synthethic (Version 2)
9/2007 G B D
Work In Progress (Version 2)
9/2007 G D
I'm Still Alive
8/13/2007 G B D
07/10/2007 G D
07/07/2007 G D
07/02/2007 G D
06/18/2007 G D
05/08/2007 G D
05/01/2007 G D
04/15/2007 G D
04/07/2007 G D
03/01/2007 G D
2/6/2007 G B D
2/1/2007 G B D
2/17/17 G D
1/5/2007 G D
Guitar + Drum Machine #3
2004 G D
Guitar + Drum Machine #2
2004 G D
Guitar + Drum Machine #1
2004 G D


Cover Songs
Song Name Artist Play / Download Recorded Includes
This Means War Avenged Sevenfold
8/9/2014 G D
Game Of Thrones Theme Song ?
11/17/2011 G D
The Warmth Incubus
2/17/2008 G B D V
Fake It Seether
2/2/2008 G B D V
No More Sorrow Linkin Park
1/17/2008 G B D
Apologize One Republic
1/17/2008 G B D
What I've Done Linkin Park
10/14/2007 G B D
Hypnotize System Of A Down
10/8/2007 G B D V
Territorial Pissings Nirvana
8/2007 G B D V
Tetris Theme Song ?
8/2007 G B D V
The Little Things Give You Away Linkin Park
8/2007 G V
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
8/2007 G B D V
Territorial Pissings Nirvana
7/2007 G B D V
Slave Silverchair
5/28/2007 G B D V
Sappy Nirvana
5/11/2007 G B D V
Fine Again Seether
2/17/2007 G B D
Hurt Nine Inch Nails
2/2007 G B D V
Passenger Deftones
2/2007 G D V
So Cold Breaking Benjamin
12/28/2006 G B D
Wasteland 10 Years
12/12/2006 G B D
Cold Evan's Blue
12/03/2006 G D
Lateralis Tool
12/29/2006 G B D V
Beautiful Disaster 311
12/23/2006 G B D V
One Step Closer Linkin Park
8/15/2006 G B D V
Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach
7/30/2006 G B D V
Send The Pain Below Chevelle
7/14/2006 G B D V
Last Resort Papa Roach
6/26/2006 G B D V
Finding Myself Smile Empty Soul
5/25/2006 G V
Anthem For The Year 2000 Silverchair
5/17/2006 G B D V
Message In A Bottle Machine Head
?/?/2004 G D V



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